Video: Guddina hangs out at Agnes Grill for a Coffee Training Day

This past week the Guddina crew found itself at Agnes Grill; a new hot spot in downtown Dayton, OH that specializes in delicious, all natural, completely filling and freshly made food. Amma, our photographer, decided that it would be an awesome opportunity to shoot some video to share with you guys, and so on this International Coffee Day we are happy to share the final product with you!

To go along with their fresh and all natural menu, the Agnes owners wanted to add some great coffee in to the mix so that people who are downtown could stop by for a consistently great cup. We brought our favorite roasted coffee beans from Beansmith (Omaha, NE) and Boston Stoker (Dayton, OH) for the folks at Agnes to try, and by the end of it they couldn’t stop telling us how badly they wanted to add our product to the menu.

You can watch the video by clicking the link below or going to YouTube. As soon as Agnes Grill is all setup with specialty coffee, pour over and french press brewers, we’ll post the announcement here on the blog so you can go check them out!

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New Video: You want to help us? Check out our RocketHub Campaign

You can probably imagine that a project like ours is going to take quite a lot of work to complete. We’ve already been working hard on this for a few months, and developing the concepts for the last year, and we are getting to a point now where we could really use some support in getting to the next steps.

Development of websites and applications like the Guddina Specialty Coffee Guide takes a lot of time and money, and a lot of you have asked how you can support the Guddina team in our endeavors. Because not all of your are developers, designers or social networking gurus, and because we could use some help getting the proper financing for building the web-app, we decided to launch a RocketHub crowd-funding campaign to get us off the ground.

We’ve released a new video talking about some of the concepts and functionality of the new network that you can watch below. When you’re done, go to to see our RocketHub campaign and show your support for the work our team is doing.

(watch the video in a new browser window)