The #1 Way to Brew Better, More Flavorful Coffee at Home

Brewing coffee at home doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can certainly turn out just as good as when your local professional baristas brew a cup for you.


How many times have you opened your cupboard, pulled out your coffee maker and brewed yourself a pot of coffee, only to find yourself incredibly disappointed by the lack of flavor or bitterness in your cup? If you’re like me when I first got started brewing coffee at home, it never quite tasted as good as when I went to my favorite local coffee shop and had a hand-brewed cup of coffee from the best baristas I knew at the time.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the quality of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but if you ask us, there’s probably one that’s more important than all of the others (to a degree). No matter what brewing method you use, how much practice you’ve had with that brewing method or even which roaster you get your coffee from, if you follow this one single tip, you will have a significantly better cup of coffee every single time you brew at home. Don’t take that to mean those other things aren’t important, of course, just that when we look at why most people hate brewing coffee at home, this is the one key point that can to be improved upon the most.

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New Connections: Guddina’s First Event will be at One Line Coffee!

We are thrilled to have One Line Coffee join our family as a superb Columbus-based Roaster and Coffee Bar!

Here’s a bit of exciting news for your week: Guddina Coffee and One Line Coffee out of Columbus, OH are joining forces to provide even great coffee experiences in the “next great coffee city”! I literally just got off the phone Dave, one of the two leading figures of the father-son owned shop and roaster, and we have definitely got some cool things coming in the future, including this:

Our First Guddina Event Hosted at One Line Coffee!

That’s an exciting headline to write, but it will be even more exciting when the date finally arrives. Not only will you be able to order One Line Coffee (which is superb) through our website, but we are also planning our very first private Guddina meetup, hosted at the One Line Coffee Bar in Columbus, OH.

The event will start at 7 PM and last until 8 PM (with everyone going to a nearby restaurant / bar afterward) on October 13th, 2013.

If you’re one of the lucky 15 people to buy a ticket ($15) to the event, you’ll get all of the following:

– One Line’s “Craft Coffee” offering – One specialty roasted coffee brewed and prepared three different ways.

– A presentation from One Line and Guddina on some very cool things going on in the coffee industry

– You’ll be seen more than a few times in our video and photos of the event to be published in the Guddina Web App

– Hang-out time with the extremely talented Baristas and Roaster of One Line Coffee (and we can’t forget the Guddina Team!)

– Early access to the Guddina Web Application

– Join One Line and Guddina team members at a local restaurant / bar to continue the party right after!

Space is limited to the first 15 people to buy a $15 ticket. Just click the button below and scroll all of the way to the bottom of the page to “check out”.

One Line’s Coffee Bar is located on the Short North in Columbus at:

745 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215

Go to RocketHub to Buy Your Ticket ($15)