Guddina brings Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Style to the US with Cup Cuff!

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Cup Cuff, a company that’s saving the world one coffee cup (and one tree) at a time with a touch of style.

Cup Cuff #2

Every time you go into a coffee shop, what happens? You order your coffee and maybe a snack, the barista makes your drink and hands it to you across the bar, and you slide a paper cup sleeve to protect your hands from getting burnt.

A half hour goes by, you finish your caffeinated beverage and you toss it in the garbage; sleeve and all. Every day millions of Americans do this exact same thing, contributing to an estimated 3 million trees being cut down and made into a simple product that just gets thrown away after the drink is consumed. That paper sleeve is directly responsible for a significant amount of waste in our world, and costs your favorite local coffee shops thousands of dollars a year as they buy more of these sleeves to keep their customers hands comfortable, only to be tossed in the trash.

With Cup Cuff, there’s a better way, and Guddina Coffee is extremely thrilled to be the first coffee company in the US to offer it as a solution that’s both effective and fashionable. You can order your Cup Cuff now, or skip past the break to read more!

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New Connections: Beansmith and Guddina love each other! =D

We’ve created a new partnership between ourselves and Beansmith Coffee, and we want to celebrate by sending you their coffee!


Every morning when you drink your first coffee, the quality and experience that you enjoy in your cup always comes back to the quality of the roaster. Your favorite coffee shop makes delicious coffee drinks because they’ve partnered with a great roaster who is providing them with consistently great quality coffee beans. On the other hand, the not-so-great coffee shops have a mixture of poor service AND poor beans, and that’s no good.

Beansmith Coffee, a Specialty Roaster in Omaha, does not create a poorly roasted coffee bean. Last week they sent us a box of 5 different coffees for us to try, and they all had a fine quality that people look for in specialty roasted coffee (especially the Ethiopian Konga Natural, woah). Their presentation was excellent, and the small cards with details on every coffee that they sent to us only added to the great experience. They also only just recently held the Grand Opening for The Lobby, which is the first front-facing coffee bar of this fine roaster.


Get your Beansmith Coffee from Guddina!

Seeing how great their coffee and staff was (we met Kait and Ben on Twitter!), we knew we had to build a relationship with them. Today, we’re happy to kick off that partnership with a few packages of Beansmith coffee; roasted, boxed up and shipped especially for you. And, when you order it, you will be directly supporting Guddina’s RocetHub campaign and helping us reach our goal by the middle of October!

Each package you order will contain: Three different bags of Beansmith coffee (we’ll be choosing the best ones for you to try) and the associated reading materials. It’s enough coffee to last you a couple of weeks if you brew a cup from home every morning, and since it is three different coffees, you’ll get a nice variety of flavor.

Almost forgot – shipping within the US is included in the order price of $15. 🙂

We only have 5 packages available for right now, though! Order this coffee while you can!


  1. Head to our RocketHub Campaign Page at this link
  2. Scroll down just a little but until you see “$15 CD: Try Some Coffee!” (ignore the description, we’re sending you something different) to make sure that the box is checked
  3. Scroll ALL of the way down the page and click “Continue”
  4. Follow the prompts and then you’re done!

We’ll call Beansmith and let them know you have ordered their coffee, and within the next week they’ll ship three bags of freshly roasted straight to your home.

Ready to get started?