“Who you know” isn’t as important as “Who wants to know you”

How many times are we going to say “I know them” before we ask that person if they know us?


I think that one of the most important things that I’m learning through my experiences as a startup company owner, is that it’s not enough to just experience something, meet someone, build something or admire an event: you have to take it to the next level.

I’ve always been decent at connecting with people. I’ve met thousands of people around the world in hundred of different industries and just as many different interests. For almost every problem that someone has come to me that needed solved, I had a connection with someone who could (and did) help solve it. That’s important.

If you look over all of my life and see the awesome opportunities that I’ve had to meet people, you’ll find that only a small minority of those meetings led to anything worthwhile, if anything at all. For most of us, this is absolutely the case. We meet someone, talk for a few moments, say “Have a great day” and move on, never to see that person again.

That’s not how experienced CEO’s, business owners and startup founders act in order to achieve their goals, though. They always take those connections a step further.

As a startup business owner, I can tell you that I will live or die by the people who stand beside me (that’s why I’ve been asking awesome people to join my team here). The success or failure of this business is not just dependent on my skills as a leader, but also on the skills and passion of the people in my network. A community isn’t just a group of people who know each other, it’s a group of people striving towards the same goal and encouraging one another along the way.

Therefore, it’s imperative to your success that you don’t just have a long list of people that you know, but that you have a list of people that want to know you. People that will be there if you need to chat, get encouragement, meet someone else or achieve a goal.

For you, the question is simple: Who are you going to reach out to today and take to the next level? Who do you want to bring into your community to make it more likely to succeed? Obviously you should choose this person today wisely, but if they’re a good choice, then that’s the person that’s going to be there to support your goals, especially when you least expect it.