November Featured Coffees: Starring Tanager, Deeper Roots and One Line Coffees!

After a long night of trick-or-treaters, and a long week of partying with friends, it’s time for us to announce the coffees we will be featuring in November in the monthly Guddina Coffee subscription boxes!

Three coffees from three different regions of the world, hand selected by specialty coffee roasters across the US and shipped fresh straight to your door. ¬†We don’t just ship any coffee to your door, though. We’ve picked three wildly different single-origin coffees, with unique characteristics, flavor notes and body profiles and talked with these three roasters to make sure you’re about to get an amazing coffee experience.

If you haven’t yet ordered your own Guddina Coffee box for or subscription plan, make your way over to our order page at the link below to make your selection. But first, click “Read More” to see a description of each of these fine coffees that we are proud to feature this month.

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