Coffee doesn’t have to be gross: Why dark roast coffee is bad for you.

Guddina Coffee loves lightly roasted coffees, and there’s a big reason why.


Have you had a chance yet to try one of our monthly coffee boxes? If so, you will have already noticed that we only ship the best coffees from different regions around the world that we can find, and that includes making sure they’re always shipped within a week of roasting, and always roasted to a lighter level.

We talked last week about why we only ship freshly roasted coffee, but perhaps the next question to ask is, “Why only ship light roasted coffee?” What about dark roasts on the French, Spanish or Italian levels?

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Which do you prefer? The Science or the Art of Coffee?


In preparing for an upcoming series of articles, we wanted to ask our community this one very simple question: Do you think better coffee experiences come from understanding the Science of Coffee, or the Art of Coffee? If you didn’t know that this question even had an answer, just pick the one that sounds the best to you and we’ll see what we can make of the responses.