Guddina brings Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup Style to the US with Cup Cuff!

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Cup Cuff, a company that’s saving the world one coffee cup (and one tree) at a time with a touch of style.

Cup Cuff #2

Every time you go into a coffee shop, what happens? You order your coffee and maybe a snack, the barista makes your drink and hands it to you across the bar, and you slide a paper cup sleeve to protect your hands from getting burnt.

A half hour goes by, you finish your caffeinated beverage and you toss it in the garbage; sleeve and all. Every day millions of Americans do this exact same thing, contributing to an estimated 3 million trees being cut down and made into a simple product that just gets thrown away after the drink is consumed. That paper sleeve is directly responsible for a significant amount of waste in our world, and costs your favorite local coffee shops thousands of dollars a year as they buy more of these sleeves to keep their customers hands comfortable, only to be tossed in the trash.

With Cup Cuff, there’s a better way, and Guddina Coffee is extremely thrilled to be the first coffee company in the US to offer it as a solution that’s both effective and fashionable. You can order your Cup Cuff now, or skip past the break to read more!


Not only does Cup Cuff directly cut back on the outrageous estimates of waste in the world, the three current styles of the 100% US Cotton-made sleeves can fit a number of styles. Let’s be honest – you love the coffee you drink every morning, why dress it in cardboard? Instead, match your sense of good coffee taste with your sense of good fashion, and bring your Cup Cuff with you to quickly slide onto any hot drink you get (the sleeve fits a variety of size cups). The owner of your local coffee shop will thank you, the world will appreciate your friendliness to it, and your friends will think you’re that much cooler.

Currently there are three different styles of Cup Cuff: The Mariner, The Professor and The Che, with more to possible come in the future. All three designs are immediately available to order through the Guddina website.

How To Order Cup Cuff (and get a limited time special offer!)

Up until today, Cup Cuff was only available in a single clothing store in California or up North for the fine folk in Canada. Now, thanks to the new partnership between the two companies, you can order one of the three current styles of Cup Cuff to be shipped straight to your home through our new order page at

Order Your Cup Cuff Now!

Before you jump over there, though, I wanted to share a limited time special offer to you. Two special offers, in fact:


1. Order all three Cup Cuff designs, and get a free bag of coffee for the house!

We think you’re going to love these Cup Cuffs, but we also know how much you guys love drinking your coffee first thing in the morning at home. We’ve already partnered with many specialty coffee roasters across the US, and we would love to share some of our favorite freshly roasted coffee choices from those partners with you! If you go to our Cup Cuff order page, and scroll all of the way to the bottom, you’ll see an option to buy all three Cup Cuffs for $30, and get a free sample of one of our coffees!

Click here to take advantage of this limited offer!

Coffee selection is based on the current supply provided to us by our partnered roasters and is not chosen during the checkout process. Shipping costs an additional $5.

2. Order a 3 Month Coffee Subscription, get all three Cup Cuffs!

If you needed another reason to get a 3 month subscription of coffee to try at home, then our second offer is probably more down your alley. When you order our 3 Month Coffee Subscription of three 12 ounce bags, we’ll send you all three current styles of Cup Cuff designs with your first shipment!

Plus, if there are any new designs made by the Cup Cuff team during the last month of your subscription, we’ll immediately include one of those as well!

Click here to get started with your Coffee Subscription and Cup Cuff combo!

To learn more about our coffee subscriptions, go to this page.

Support Your Local Coffee Shop and Help Them Get a Cup Cuff Display!


Last but not least, Guddina is pleased to be partnered with Cup Cuff to act as a liaison here in the US and bring Cup Cuffs to many more coffee shops that are here. If you think that your local coffee shop could benefit from having and selling Cup Cuffs in their store, either to cut back on paper sleeve waste or to help save them money over time, have them send us an email. We would be happy to help get them a display and large supply of Cup Cuffs at a heavily discounted rate so that they can bring more Cup Cuffs to their customers, while also being directly financially supported through the sales. Our email is

Cup Cuff #4 #13 Cup Cuff #8Thanks to Cup Cuff for the use of their images.


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