November Featured Coffees: Starring Tanager, Deeper Roots and One Line Coffees!

After a long night of trick-or-treaters, and a long week of partying with friends, it’s time for us to announce the coffees we will be featuring in November in the monthly Guddina Coffee subscription boxes!

Three coffees from three different regions of the world, hand selected by specialty coffee roasters across the US and shipped fresh straight to your door.  We don’t just ship any coffee to your door, though. We’ve picked three wildly different single-origin coffees, with unique characteristics, flavor notes and body profiles and talked with these three roasters to make sure you’re about to get an amazing coffee experience.

If you haven’t yet ordered your own Guddina Coffee box for or subscription plan, make your way over to our order page at the link below to make your selection. But first, click “Read More” to see a description of each of these fine coffees that we are proud to feature this month.

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For the month of November, we’re heading to three of our favorite growing regions in the world. Sumatra in Indonesia, Guatemala in Central America, and Ethiopia in Africa. Each of these coffees is completely different from the other, and that’s exactly what we’re shooting for when we send out these coffee varieties. What’s the point in sending you three different coffees if they all taste the same, right?

When you get these coffees, you can know that you’re going to get three of the highest quality coffees that we have found. If you absolutely fall in love with one (or all) of them, just send us an email ( and let us know if you’d like any more! We’d be glad to send you another bag (or 5) after the next roast date. 🙂

Quick Flavor Notes:

If you don’t have time to read all of the details of the roasters and their coffees below, here’s a quick look at the flavor profiles of each of the coffees you’ll get this month.

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Zelele (Tanager Coffee Roasters): Tastes like Cherries, Chocolate and Melon, with a dash of peanut butter. Bold, fruity body with a lot of character. Great as an Aeropress brewed cup of coffee, but go with a Chemex if you’re looking for a lighter cup.
  • Sumatra Wahana Natural (One Line Coffee): Tastes like Candied Strawberries, Fig and a splash of tobacco (like the fruit, not the cigarette). Incredibly big body that hits you right away. If you can cold brew it for iced coffee, do that. Otherwise, a pour over drip method is delicious.
  • Guatemalan Huehuetenango (Deeper Roots Coffee): Flavor notes of complex fruit, sweet chocolate, slice of lemon and a bit of raisin. Sits beautifully on the tongue with a nice body, but doesn’t stay so long it kills the experience. Comes out deliciously in a french press or drip brewing methods.

Ready to order? Head on to our checkout page, here.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Zelele

Tanager Coffee Roasters (Portland, OR)


As many of you know, we have been an incredibly huge fan of Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe coffees for a while. This coffee, from an Ethiopian farmer known as Zelele, has been carefully roasted over the past few months to perfection by one of the latest members of the Portland, OR coffee scene, Tanager Coffee Roasters. Don’t let their young company age fool you, though, Tanager’s Master Roaster CJ has been passionate about coffee and the communities that spring up around it for nearly a decade, and was mentioned as one of the 20 best shops and roasters in Portland for September 2013 (not to forget the two coffee shops that serve Tanager coffee, as well)!

About the Coffee:

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Zelele that we are serving up this month is a special one with a great story. Often times, coffee is named after the farm or coffee mill where the beans are harvested or processed. In the case of this Ethiopian coffee, however, Zelele is the name of the very farmer who made the produce even possible, which makes the story behind the coffee even more personable than the norm, especially with how Ethiopian coffee farms are typically controlled by their government.

Flavor Notes: While Tanager describes the coffee as having flavor notes of tart cherry, silky chocolate and a fresh melon finish, we get a distinct peanut buttery taste to complement the chocolate flavors in this cup.

Profile: Nice, big and full body that comes naturally to Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe coffees. This coffee’s acidity helps the flavor burst on your tongue, and the peanut butter notes that we get stick around for a while after indulging.

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Fermentation Process: Washed

Elevation: ~ 1900 m

Guddina Preferred Brewing Method: Aeropress. Though the great body in this coffee won’t ever go missing in any brewing method that you try, we found that the Aeropress really intensified the cherry and chocolate flavors to an outstanding level with every cup.

Order Guddina Coffee in November to get this coffee!

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Sumatra Wahana Natural

One Line Coffee (Columbus, OH)


Being in the Dayton, OH area, we knew that we had to show some love to the roasters that helped inspire us to get started in the coffee industry. One Line Coffee in Columbus has always been a shining example of what it means to source, roast and serve phenomenal coffee to their customers, and we continue to learn a lot from the father/son team every week. The Sumatra Wahana that we are featuring this month, much like when we experience their Short North Coffee Bar, is surely one that has continued to blow us away with its bold, fruity body every time we take a sip. While One Line has always had a knack for producing coffee that is complex on the palette and unique to each person, the simplicity of this coffee, while still showing off its clean, bold, naturally fruity flavors, is what put it into the Guddina Coffee Box this month.

About this Coffee:

For coffee enthusiasts everywhere, Sumatra has typically been known as a region that produces coffees that are a bit on the dirty side. When you start looking at naturally processed coffees, those huge flavors are enhanced further with a fruitiness that is undeniably strong. This Sumatra Wahana, however, isn’t like typical coffees of the same region. It’s smooth, simple and refreshing, but still delivers a kick of flavor that is polarizing (some people live for this coffee, others… not so much).

Flavor Notes: One Line describes this coffee as tasting like candied strawberries and clean fruit, but we definitely find the fig and slight tobacco aspects of this coffee incredibly refreshing.

Profile: The flavors hit you straight away with a finely rounded off acidity, and then stick around with a body that sits heavily on the tongue. Yes, it is a simple coffee, in that you won’t find much complexity in the flavor notes outside of what you initially taste, but that’s exactly why we love sharing it with people.

Varietal: Rasuna

Fermentation Process: Sun-dried Natural

Elevation: ~ 1300 m

Guddina Preferred Brewing Method: Hands down, if you can cold brew this for iced coffee, try it. Otherwise, stick to a V60 pour over to bring out the bold flavors that are found in this naturally process coffee

Order Guddina Coffee in November to get this coffee!

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Guatemala Huehuetenango

Deeper Roots Coffee (Cincinnati, OH)

deeper_roots_logoDeeper Roots out of Cincinnati, OH might be our latest addition to the Guddina Coffee family, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been familiar with them for a long time. We first ran into them at Ghostlight Coffee in our hometown of Dayton, OH, and we immediately fell in love with their coffees. When they invited us out to their roasting facility for an early-afternoon cupping, their knowledge and passion for the products and coffee roasting procedures told us everything we needed to know – we wanted to drink more of there coffee.

About this Coffee:

The Guatemalan Huehuetenango that we are featuring this month exemplifies the care they take in their small batch roasting processes, but also takes a turn away from the bigger, fruitier coffees you saw from One Line and Tanager above, and brings us something a little lighter in the cup with a bit more zest and complexity. The first time we tried this coffee was as a pour over (brewed by the same Ghostlight Coffee we mentioned above), though lately we’ve taken to drinking it straight from a french press to get more of the complex flavors found within.

Flavor Notes: Deeper Roots tells us this coffee tastes like complex fruit and sweet chocolate, but we find the hint of lemon and raisin in every cup as well.

Profile: This coffee is crisp, refreshing and complex. If you want a coffee that will challenge your tongue with a variety of nuances and flavors, this is the one that will do it in this box. The acidity is perfect and slides across the tongue evenly, and the body is full as it brings a flavor that you won’t quickly want to forget.

Varietal: Various Arabica Vatietals

Fermentation Process: Fully Washed and Patio Sun-Dried

Elevation: ~ 1500 m

Guddina Preferred Brewing Method: French press. This coffee has an excellent complexity that you don’t want to miss out on. By using a french press brewing pot, you get a lot more of those natural flavors coming out in each cup you drink.

Order Guddina Coffee in November to get this coffee!

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Still need to order?

Now that you’ve got all of the details on the coffees and the roasters we are featuring this month, you just need to purchase a box to get you started! Go to the link below to get started:

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Note: Our first orders will go out during the second week of November after the roasters have all freshly prepared and roasted their coffees for you. 


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