Want to become a Guddina Featured Coffee Roaster?

Guddina Coffee is currently looking for interested specialty coffee roasting companies that would like to partner with us to bring our customers their best products. Our partnered roasters will have at many opportunities to increase their national market reach, but specifically will have two channels through Guddina where they can sell coffee directly to our customers.

– Through monthly featured coffee subscription boxes (we hand select the coffees that go in these boxes)

– Through weekly single orders placed by customers in our web app (all approved roasters can list any of their coffees here)

Currently, Guddina is partnered with nearly a dozen coffee roasters across the US, from Denver and Omaha to Columbus and Portland, and we are incredibly interested in expanding our partnerships even further so that our customers have the widest selection of excellently roasted and incredibly fresh coffees that they can try on a monthly, bi-weekly and weekly basis. We don’t take away from the roaster brand, either. All coffees that come through us retain their current roaster name and contact details so that customers can connect with their local roasters and buy directly from them in the future.

For a coffee roaster to become a featured roaster in one of our subscription boxes, you will need to show an excellence of product, care for the world and customer service. Your coffees do not need to be Fair Trade certified, nor do you need to sell only “direct trade” coffees, but you do need to put forth some efforts to make sure your farmers and the lands that you get your coffee from are being taken care of in the best ways possible.

We have customers in nearly every State in the US, with many of them ordering coffee on a monthly basis. When you become a partnered roaster, you become a roaster that all of these people can see and order coffee from very quickly and easily through our web app and community site.

If you are interested in becoming a featured coffee roaster on Guddina.com, send an email to us at hello@guddina.com and we will work out the details to try a sample of your best coffees. We want to put your best foot forward for our customers while also providing them the best service, so we will extensively test and cup the coffees you send us for consistency, flavor, body and acidity before we make any decisions on if we will add it to our featured coffee boxes or not.

All specialty coffee roasters will be allowed to sell their coffees in our web app without such extensive testing on our part, though we do retain the right to pull coffees that we don’t think adequately meet the expectations of our customers.

Again, if you would like to become a Guddina partnered roaster, or have any other questions about what we are doing, email us at hello@guddina.com.


Photo Credit: Boston Stoker Coffee Roasters


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