Help us find a new “Home” and get a full year subscription of coffee!

People have often asked us, “When will Guddina open its own coffee shop?”, and while we have definitely had a few opportunities to do exactly that (more than a few people have approached us offering to pay for us to open a shop), we just don’t want to go down that route right now. Our goal is to promote other coffee shops and roasters, not to build one for ourselves (this is the same reason why we aren’t roasting coffee ourselves).

However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to partner with a coffee shop for a while and make ourselves at home in the midst of coffee lovers, and that’s exactly what the purpose of this blog post is for.

How to get a year subscription to coffee:

Before I share the details of what we are hoping to accomplish with this post, I wanted to explain how you can get a full year’s subscription to Guddina Coffee. If you know of a coffee shop or roaster that you think would be a good fit for us (read on to learn what that means), send us an email or ask them to contact us. If they end up being the perfect match, and Guddina makes the necessary moves to achieve this goal, we’ll send you a new box of coffee every month until a full year is over.

For more details, send an email to:


Guddina Needs a Home

Guddina Coffee is looking for a specialty coffee shop to partner with in the near future to help facilitate operations and promote the project even further. We aren’t asking for much, just a place to setup a development workstation and packaging station (and a spot to send/receive coffee orders on a daily basis), plus the opportunity for Tim (that’s me, the Owner of Guddina Coffee) to get behind the bar and keep serving customers and stay in the mindset of making excellent coffee.

Basically, we want to be with the people a little more than we currently are, and that’s not easy to do when your “office” is so far away from your community. You can learn more about what Guddina is doing on our home page:

In return, Guddina will list that shop’s location as our headquarters, we’ll invite our customers out to your shop to visit us, we’ll regularly promote the shop with public coffee presentations and will generally just be a highly contributing addition of your team (all on our own dime when Tim isn’t working behind the bar).

Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with a brand new coffee company that hopes to bring more and more coffee drinkers across the US into the specialty coffee world. If you want the opportunity to put your coffee shop on the map as a leader in the industry, this is your chance to do so with the Guddina team by your side.

There are other details that will need to be discussed in private, but you can find out more by emailing Tim directly at

All inquiries will be read and considered. We are willing to relocate anywhere in the US (the rest of the Guddina team is setup to work remotely).

Note that this is NOT an acquisition proposition, nor a search for investment. Guddina is already moving in the direction of being self-sustaining and profitable, and we haven’t even launched our Specialty Coffee Guide to the public yet. The purpose of this goal is to find a shop where Guddina can partner with and launch from in 2014.

Again, if you know of a coffee shop that you think would fit perfectly with Guddina’s vision for community and coffee, or if you are a shop owner yourself, please email me at


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