Guddina Coffee joins the Specialty Coffee Association of America!

Big news, Guddina fans! We are now a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America!

Because of your support of our RocketHub campaign, we were able to raise enough funds early on to pay our dues and go through the application process to become a member of the SCAA. This move positions us as leaders in the specialty coffee world, will put us in touch with a number of industry experts and phenomenal businesses, gives us the backing of hundreds of other specialty coffee roasters, shops, farms and baristas all over the Nation, and provides Guddina with some amazing tools to use in our future endeavors.

The SCAA holds these core values in everything that they do:

   • Commitment to quality
   • Respect for the product
   • Dedication to education
   • Sensitivity to the environment
   • Consciousness of social issues
   • Sense of community
   • Encouragement of cultural and economic exchange

Those values are perfectly in line with the mission of Guddina, and so we are thrilled to be a part of this outstanding coffee community and organization. Look for Guddina Coffee to be present at a number of SCAA events going into the future, and for the SCAA values to be upheld in the every day business workings within our product, services and team.

You can learn more about the SCAA at their website:


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